Friday, January 21, 2011

Dear Readers

Well I haven't posted in 5 months, I guess it's about time for an update.

I've been thinking about where I should go with this blog.  Should I keep posting? Should I start something completely different?  What should I focus on?  What is life?  Who am I?

Seriously though, there is cartharsis in telling stories, and last year I found this to be a wonderful way to share stories with lots of people.  My idea is to shift towards a more general focus of "stories about people."  That sounds interesting, right?  Everyone loves story.  And people are always interesting.

For example, Kevin and I have gone down to the lake several times recently with Zeus.  There's a man who hangs around down there (I honestly don't know if he's homeless or what), and he LOVES zeus.  The first time we were there, he just yelled at Zeus, "Hey Black! Hey Black!"
More recently, he's told me about his sister's dog, which apparently looks exactly like Zeus.  According to might-be-homeless man, both his sister's dog and Zeus are a breed of dog called "curry" or "kurry."  I like "kurry" better.  We had a very confusing conversation about this.  I can't find any such breed of dog, so if anyone has a lead (ha, isn't that kind of a dog joke?) let me know!
Since then, this man has insisted upon showing Zeus to any of many random men who also hang around the lake with him.

Alright, I'm going to think about the future of Al Abroad...

Christmas Kurry Dogs