Friday, October 12, 2012


"Abroad" has many definitions; one of which is "freely moving about."  In the last seven years, I have moved four times.  Plenty of people move much more frequently than this, and of course there are people who only move around.  But four moves in seven years? That is four major life changes, and with every move has come a new way of life.

I will graduate in May, and from there, my future is not decided.  I've spent far too much time in the recent weeks fretting over whether I'll move somewhere abroad or if I'll hang in Lake Charles for another year or if I'll just move into my parents' non-existant basement and bide my time...

So, my indecision and worry comes down to two things:
1. Am I ready to pick up and move again?
2. Am I going to have any job at all?

In reality, there are many jobs I can apply for; it's just a little early for that.  There is possibility of employment here.  There are plenty of programs that would pay me well to teach English abroad.

And the truth of all of it is, it might be good not to be so planned for once.  Maybe a little bit of going-with-the-flow and seeing what will come of it will clear my mind and lead me back to my normal, somewhat decisive self.  Maybe.

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  1. It will be okay whatever you decide. You are more employable now than ever before!