Monday, January 21, 2013

New Year Road Trip, Heading to Dallas

My resolution to blog has been a long time coming.  Plus, I kicked off the new year with one very epic trip.
My friend, Drew, has moved to LA to seek his fame and fortune, or something.

His plan was to drive across the country with all of his possessions and make a few stops along the way.  I loved this idea.  I loved this idea so much that I insisted he let me come.  I'll spare you the lengthy back-and-forth that my insistance entailed and simply give you this:

This is a contract, written on the back of a receipt, signed by the two of us, and witnessed by an unwitting diner at Booyah's in Collierville.

And with that, I bought I one-way ticket from LAX to MEM.  We celebrated the new year with our friends (Laser Tag followed by epic snacks and champagne drinks at Local) turned in relatively early for Jan 1.

January 1st was cold and gray and miserable, nevertheless, we crossed the Arkansas bridge and experienced that slight twinge of sadness and excitement that comes when home is behind you. (I did, at least. I don't know about Drewsky).

Then we drove through Arkansas, stopped in Little Rock for lunch, drove some more, and found Texas.  We headed for Dallas.

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